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Annie Considine

The sweetest little troublemaker.

8. irish music

If there is one style of music that can make me get up and dance like a crazy person, it's traditional Irish music. I think being half Irish helps.

​10. Silas 

My adorable pupper Silas

​9. ghost stories

If you can tell me a good one, I'll be your friend forever.  Some of my favorites are The Woman In Black,  Conor McPherson's ​The Shining City,  and anything spooky that's ever happened to you.

7. mexican food

My favorite food. Tacos, enchiladas, salsa, guac, sopapillas, todo es bueno.

I don't typically meditate on hills, but this was a nice google image.

6. meditation

I was introduced to meditation relatively recently, and it has been immensely helpful to me personally. I'm a big supporter of stillness, introspection, and self growth.

4. tea

Especially jasmine green.


5. willy wonka and the chocolate factory

The old one. With Gene Wilder

3. Fencing

I was a competitive foil fencer from middle school through college, and in 2009 I won 8th in Women's Foil at the largest collegiate fencing event in the world. I only fence for fun now,  and accept all challenges. 

The Fall Festival of Shakespeare.

Summer National Championships, 2007.

2. Shakespeare & Company

My first theater home. This company is the reason that I love acting! I participated in their educational programming from age 12-20. I now perform there, and teach Shakespeare to students ages 3+ in many of their education programs, most notably the Fall Festival of Shakespeare.  

1. lenox, massachusetts

My hometown! In beautiful Berkshire County, known for its arts scene and colorful leaves. I grew up here with my mom, dad, sister Nora, brother Chris, and many dogs. I also live there right now! Working at...

10 of my favorite things